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sex therapist in Kansas City

Sexual Issues

Throughout our life, we are told what to believe about sex and sexuality. These messages may come from family, previous partners, purity culture in religious organizations, or even our school’s own abstinence only programs.  Causing shame when we don’t fit into these accepted molds, those messages stick with us over time. Even after our sexual debut (first time) or coming out we may still struggle to accept ourselves.
Together, we will process through the messages to discover a language that lets your authentic self shine. This will open a space for you to have conversations with yourself, and partner(s), about your sexual wants, needs, and desires within the relationship.

A sex therapist is NOT a sex worker. There are strict ethical codes and boundaries we must adhere to while practicing. Click here for a great article to learn more about that means. 

Sexual Trauma

Whatever trauma this may be, we can work through it together.


Kink and BDSM is not abuse. This space is here to discuss safely incorporating it into your life and the role it plays in your sexual life.

I have a Kink Informed Certification from SHA


We all remember the high school health class images of STI's. Those were used to shame and scare us away from sex. We will work to move beyond this outdated stigma.

Gender Identity

No more gatekeeping. I am able to write a letter of gender identity for those needing it, at no additional cost to you.

Sexual Identity

 We work through defining what that means to you and your individuality.

Religious Trauma

Since childhood, we are taught about our sexuality by others. They tell us: Don’t have sex, its bad. Save your “virginity!” Homosexuality is a sin. Well, now you’re a consenting adult and yet those voices from childhood persist.

Bedroom Boredom

You've been having sex with the same person for years. It starts the same, you use the same positions, and it ends the same. We will have conversations exploring sexual wants, needs, desires, and how to communicate those with your partner.

Desire / Arousal /Orgasm

These areas can change over our lifetime or because of life stressors. There is nothing wrong with you, everything changes.

Marble Surface

You're not in this alone. 

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