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LGBTQ friendly therapist in Kansas City, Polyamory therapist in Kansas City

Relationship Issues

Over time space can grow in the relationship, leading to a feeling of disconnection. I will work with your relationship to build back the connection

Maybe you feel there is a breakdown in your communication. I will teach you the tools to improve your connection.

 Don't wait until your relations are on the brink of ending to seek a therapist. I'm here to help with life's struggle at any stage in the journey.


It's key that we are able to communicate with one another in a constructive manner.

Easier said than done.


 Feel like you're talking in circles without getting anywhere? It might be the time to learn how to better listen to our partner


In To Me You See.

It's difficult for everyone.


Life, technology, family, work, relationships. All of these things distract us from prioritizing what's most important and leave us feeling drained. 


Takes years to build. And yet, can be broken with one blow to the relationship.


This may be a trendy topic, but it is supported by the science. 


Whatever style relationship, it is as unique as you are. Meaning it also comes with its own set of unique struggles.

Family Issues

Blending new families together isn't always the smoothest and

 in-laws aren't always the easiest people to be around. You'll discover new meanings to old words

Marble Surface

You're not in this alone. 

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