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Premarital counceling Kansas city


As a trained Prepare / Enrich facilitator, I will work with the couple, together as a team, to build a strong foundation for the future marriage.

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Prepare/Enrich FAQ's

Prepare / Enrich is one of the most widely researched assessment tools. It can be used for Pre-marital counseling, Pre-engagment counseling and even for couples who just want a relationship check up.  

LGBT premarital counseling in Kansas city

The Couple's Assessment

Premarital  sessions have an additional one-time $35 fee. The couple is responsible for this payment. The fee is for the Prepare / Enrich assessment, which we use in our premarital sessions. 

Prepare / Enrich is one of the most widely researched assessment tools available. The goals of Prepare / Enrich are to provide couples with objective results and insights for which they can use to help their relationship thrive.  By going through the Prepare / Enrich program, you’ll be able to confidently discuss sensitive topics that improve your understanding of a healthy relationship with one another.

The assessment, completed online, is customized to you as a couple. The Facilitator (Me) is provided with a list of the couple’s strength and growth areas. Over the nest 6 sessions, we work through the different areas highlighted by the assessment. I guide the conversation to better understand the Prepare/Enrich test results and also teach new skills that build and strengthen each area.

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Why 6 sessions?

I understand that you and your partner are busy planning for a wedding. I have found that 6 sessions is the perfect amount of time to address all the sections from the assessment. This means not committing to never ending therapy.

We set our goals in the first session and work together to achieve them.

Session are available in 50 or 90 minute meetings.

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Can we do more than 6 sessions?

Of course! You can continue to work with me, for as long as you both need. During our time together, things may come up that need more time to properly work through. Being a trained Marriage and Family Therapist, I help work through any relationship issues that arise during our time together.

Who can take the Assessment:

Prepare / Enrich isn’t just for engaged couples, it also provides a relationship check up at any stage in the relationship. People change over the years. Gain fresh insight into who your partner is and how you can better support and love each other.

For couples who have recently started dating or who just got engaged, the assessment will equip them with personalized insights and a deeper understanding of the dynamics of their blossoming relationship.

Married couples can deepen their bond and reignite a passion with the assessment. It will put you back on the path of understanding growth in the relationship.

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What is assessed by the inventory?

  • Strength and growth areas

  • Communication skills

  • Identify and manage major stressors

  • Resolve conflict 

  • Develop a more balanced relationship

  • ​Explore family of origin issues

  • Discuss financial planning and budgeting

  • Establish personal, couple and family goals

  • Understand and appreciate personality differences

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