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Depression therapist in Kansas City, Anxiety thereapist in Kansas City

Life Transitions

Life is full of transitions and change. Sometimes it’s a surprise coming with no warning, like a medical diagnosis, or a relationship ending.  Other times you spend long hours planning, such as starting a family, starting a new job, or retiring.

“How did I end up here?”


Any of these changes can leave us feeling like we don’t know where to go or who we are anymore.

“This is not how I though my life would turn out”


The uncertainty of these life changes don’t have to be paralyzing or leave you anxious or depressed. It might seem like you may never be happy, healthy, or ever back to your old self.

What the hell does the world want from me”


Together we can learn to let your authentic self guide and make space for all the stages of life.


Whether it's across the country or across town, moving is stressful. You're in a new environment and the unfamiliarity takes its mental toll.


Gain the tools to help when transitioning careers, starting a new job, or simply wanting to improve work/life balance.

New School

Are you starting at a new high school? Non-traditional student? Maybe, your time at college is the first time away from family?

 Traverse creating new expectations for your future

Break up

Break ups suck.

Medical Issues

Pain management?

Adjusting to life with a new medical diagnosis? These are difficult to cope with in our day to day. 


Maybe you hated each other in the end or maybe it was a slow burn. Either way, it's brutal.

Empty Nest

The kids are gone and you finally have peace and quiet, or so you thought... It's not always easy being the parent of an adult(s)


You've spent the last few decades growing your career. Now its time for you to finally relax and that shift can be hard.

If you have lost a loved one:

This is a huge life transition and many people need help through their grief process. I am willing to provide a list of those that specializes in grief counseling. 

Marble Surface

You're not in this alone. 

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