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Support the Mental Health Access Improvement Act!

This week is AAMFT Virtual Action Week. Click here to get involved!


Why is expanding Medicare important?

Counselors and marriage and family therapists make up about 40% of the licensed behavioral health workforce in the United States. We are are covered by all other insurance providers, both public and private, EXCEPT from Medicare. Being shut out of the largest insurer in the country, makes those on Medicare not have sufficient access to mental health treatment.

77 million people live in areas with serious shortages to mental health providers. Not only that, 50% of rural counties have almost no mental health providers at all!

The Mental Health Access Improvement Act will increase the pool of eligible providers by 225,000 people. There are a lot of counselors and marriage and family therapists that want to help, but aren't able to because of the law.

How to Participate in the Virtual Action Week

There are lots of ways to contact your Members of Congress! The AAMFT has many great resources ready to share. No, you don't have to be a member to participate. We can all work together to advocate for Marriage and Family therapists and counselors to be added to Medicare.

Social Media

Use the hashtags #UpdateMedicare or #MFTsInMedicare

Call and Email your Members of Congress

The AAMFT website has an easy to fill out form that allows you to email your Members of Congress in just a few minutes. If you want to call your member of Congress, they have sheet with scripts and talking points.

Get others involved

Share this link, so others can participate!

Share the Facts

If you are interested in therapy, I am located in the KC metro for in person session or telehealth services.

Call: 913-303-8631


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